GalaTraders wants to ensure that your funds are always protected. We offer you multiple options that you can choose to store your funds. You even get to keep your funds at regulated financial institutions and banks.

Strict government regulations are in place to ensure your money is safe with us. It means that it is almost impossible for you to witness our company facing any losses or thefts.

You must bear in mind that GalaTraders does not hold your funds. Instead, your funds are held at regulated financial institutions and banks. This goes to show that GalaTraders does not have any access to your funds. We must adhere to strict regulatory procedures if we are to change your funds’ status or withdraw.

Funds are Kept Separated

We acquire services from regulated banks and segregated accounts while taking advanced security measures to keep your funds safe. You can always count on the honesty of our systems because we have a very tight policy regarding market manipulation and insider trading.

All our customers can count on our financial services to be transparent, secure, and safe. We strongly oppose market manipulation and insider trading and have a regulated stance against them.

Depositing Funds through Safe Channel

Being an online trader, you would always be on the lookout for secure and safe methods for depositing funds. We at GalaTraders are fully aware that we have to keep your funds safe, which is why we offer the most protected and securest methods. You can make deposits using a crypto wallet, bank wire transfer, debit card, and credit card.

We completely understand your concerns involving identity theft or fraud. However, you shouldn’t be worried because we have it all covered. Our highly specialized system has undergone rigorous testing and is up-to-date with the latest standards, so you have nothing to worry about regarding theft or unauthorized transactions.

Observation of Trading Account Activity

We continue to monitor all your trading activities, and if we notice anything suspicious, we notify you immediately. If we notice or suspect any fraudulent activity on your trading account, we immediately freeze it and unlock it once the matter is resolved.

You are notified through an alert as soon as any unusual activity is noticed on your account. It is highly recommended that you stay vigilant and check for such notifications to react immediately.

The most common activities involve an unauthorized entity trying to carry out unauthorized transactions or logging in to your account using your credentials. If we notice such activities, your account will be frozen until the problem is resolved.

You can email, call us, or contact GalaTraders through chat support if you have any queries related to your funds’ protection and safety.

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