Our Company

Who we are?

galatraders Trade is a financial services provider, offering a selection of more than a hundred financial assets as CFDs to traders from almost all around the globe. Thanks to our intuitive trading platform, you get access to the world’s most exciting and volatile exchange market via your desktop, smartphone or tablet device. By doing so, you are able to manage your personal trading portfolio while enjoying immediate 1-click trading execution, all through a single smart dashboard display.

While our aim is to help clients make the most out of online trading, access liquidity, and manage risk effectively, our practical expertise, comprehensive technology and unparalleled network allow us to deliver an unforgettable trading experience.

Why galatraders Trade?

We have the technological expertise and the vast resources to help you unleash your full potential and take advantage of unparalleled trading experience. We use state-of-the-art encryption technology as international banks and major online retailers do in order to protect your information, security, and privacy at all times. While featuring around-the-clock live support and delivering world-class solutions to clients, we constantly monitor your trading funds and protect them in segregated accounts.

We are obligated not to share your personal details with any outside agency or a third party and operate under a guaranteed no hidden fees policy with our deposits and withdrawals process being fast and convenient.

Benefits of Trading with us

With CFDs becoming more increasingly popular amongst modern traders and investors, here are some of the exceptional features and benefits you can enjoy when deciding to build your personal trading portfolio with us:

  • Live Data Feed
  • 24/6 Customer Service
  • Customized Analysis Tools
  • Selection of Trading Accounts
  • Advanced Charts and Graphs
  • Personal Account Managers
  • Simple Account Management
  • Quick Deposits and Withdrawals

Our Vision

We want to make secured CFD trading a living reality for all the millions out there that can’t afford themselves to trade traditionally.
Through our innovative technology, we want to build a financially proficient environment which is based on the foundation of mutual trust and respect between us and our clients.

Your Security

In a world filled with financial institutions, we take pride in providing the strictest protection to your funds at all times.
As your trading portfolio is constantly safe with us, we’ve developed a whole new standard for your personal data safety and security. All of our traders benefit from the following conditions:

Segregated Client Accounts

In the financial trading industry, this account is being used to hold your funds separately from the broker’s funds. This ensures that your capital is safeguarded by world-renowned credit institutions and can be easily identified.

Encryption and Protection

Using highly advanced security measures and safety protocols, we treat your account with full confidentiality, resulting in your trades and private information being 100% SSL encrypted and securely stored.

Customer Service

We are fully committed to providing you with all the support and assistance you need in your native language and around the clock.
If you have any questions or require technical support or guidance concerning your account management, feel free to contact our customer support team at any given time.

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